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Compliance Toolbox Strengthen The Framework, Make The Repairs 

Whether your financial aid office needs a check-up, tune-up, or overhaul, you have all the compliance tools you need to get the job done. NASFAA' s compliance resources provide timely and practical insights to help you stay up-to-date on ever-changing regulations and best practices.

Not sure where to begin?

Our exclusive, member-only* resources can help you determine the quality and integrity of your institutional operations. Start by filling out the Self-Evaluation Guide to assess your office's needs. Then implement changes and updates using the tools below. To receive ongoing compliance updates by mail and email, edit your myNASFAA profile and select the opt-in box for compliance resources.

Resources  Tools  Description 
  Compliance Engine This new member-only online tool combines checklists form the highly-valued Self-Evaluation Guide, and templates from the Policies & Procedures Toolkit with easy-to-use features, allowing your institution to centralize compliance and policies and procedures in one place.
 Resources - Self-Eval Guide Icon  Self-Evaluation Guide  This resource is now being offered as part of the new Compliance Engine. The Self-Evaluation Guide, in its current form, will be removed from this site December 2016.
   Policies and Procedures Tools  This resource is being developed as the new P&P Builder, a module of the Compliance Engine. The P&P Tools, in its current form, will be removed from this site June 2017.
   AskRegs  Personal assistance with regulatory or compliance questions
 Resources - Generic Icon  Compliance Officer Position Descriptions  Member-submitted position descriptions for financial aid compliance officers
   How-to Guides  To help navigate student aid regulations
   Compiled Title IV Legislation  Web pages of U.S. Code relating to student financial assistance programs for higher education
   Compiled Title IV Regulations  Web pages of major parts of the Code of Federal Regulations
 Resources - Standards of Excellence icon  Standards of Excellence Review Program  Objective, confidential, peer review to optimize quality of service

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* Most compliance resources are included with your membership dues. The Standards of Excellence Review Program is one of the few programs that has an additional cost.

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