NASFAA Learning Bytes

Learning Bytes

NASFAA Learning Bytes are an exciting new training opportunity for financial aid professionals who have limited time and resources, but seek professional development and regulatory training. Quick, convenient, and affordable, Learning Bytes are one-hour, self-paced, online seminars with multimedia content, built-in assessments, and in-depth take-away materials.

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Additional topics will be added to the Learning Byte library throughout the year, so check back here or stay tuned to Today’s News for announcements.

Benefits of Learning Bytes

  • Learn Now and Then - If you would like to review content within a lesson for a longer period of time, you are able to save content for future reference.
  • Learn Anytime - There is no scheduling involved so you won’t have to worry about scheduling conflicts. You only need to complete your Learning Byte within one month of purchase, and when you are finished, simply print a certificate of completion for your records.
  • Learn in Spurts - Learning Bytes are ideal for busy financial aid administrators seeking professional development and regulatory training. If you happen to have brief moments that you can dedicate to learning, then self-paced learning is a great option. You can learn key information and learn it quickly.

Know Before You Start

  • You have four weeks to complete your Byte before it expires.
  • Access your Byte as many times as you want, save takeaways to review later.
  • Move through at your own pace with intuitive prompts to assist your completion.
  • Not all Bytes are the same, but all include multimedia, assessments, activities and takeaways.
  • Price ranges depending on topic and NASFAA membership.
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