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After more than a year of delays and legal challenges, the Obama-era borrower defense to repayment regulations took effect Tuesday afternoon, when a federal judge ruled against a group of for-profit institutions that asked for an injunction to block the implementation of the rule.

Although the published tuition and fee prices at colleges and universities remained relatively unchanged in the last year, students continue to pay more after accounting for financial aid, as only institutional grant aid has grown by a significant amount in the last several years, according to two annual trends reports released Tuesday by the College Board.

The Department of Education (ED) published a solicitation today for companies to develop a pilot program to help students receive their Title IV credit balances without any fees via a mobile app—the latest step in ED’s implementation of its “Next Generation Financial Services Environment.” Redirect to Remain Active

The website is now re-directing to The Department of Education has confirmed that there are no immediate or short-term plans to retire the website. Schools can continue to use student-facing printed materials with the web address as the redirect will continue to remain active.


Celebrated each year on the third Wednesday in October, Financial Aid Day (FAD) is a special day set aside to celebrate and recognize the contribution of all financial aid professionals across the United States for helping students make their college-going dreams a reality. On FAD colleagues are encouraged to do something special—have an office party, a potluck, a toast, etc.—to celebrate financial aid administrators' contributions to the profession. What is your office doing to celebrate the occasion? Send your stories and pictures to or share them on our Facebook page.

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If you were unable to join us for the Oct. 3, 2018 webinar, Citizenship Status and Title IV Eligibility, you can still tune in for the on-demand webinar. You’ll have full access to the webinar archive and handout, as well as access to the Most Frequently Asked Questions document compiled from questions submitted by attendees during the live webcast. This FAQ document includes a special supplement where Marya Dennis, DHS-SAVE System Super User for the U. S. Department of Education, has provided answers to your questions specific to the DHS-SAVE System. We have also provided an updated webinar handout to include information that was not available for the original broadcast. If you attended the live event, you can still use your registration link to access the on-demand event and FAQ document. Order today.


The Department of Education's Federal Student Aid office is issuing a Notice inviting Applications from parties to implement a Pilot of a Payment Vehicle Account Program.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) of the U.S. Department of Education (Department) is required by regulation to develop an earnings survey to support gainful employment (GE) program evaluations. NCES has developed the Recent Graduates Employment and Earnings Survey (RGEES) Standards and Survey Form. The RGEES can be used in a debt-to-earnings (D/E) ratio appeal under the GE regulations as an alternative to the Social Security administration earnings data.




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